Finishing a Falk

A rookie builder finishes a small steam engine

A Jesse Livingston photo

On this page, I'll outline the progress of my completing the Falk. I received the partially completed engine on October 5, 2003, and hope to have it running sometime in 2004.


The 2004 date was optimistic, more work has been done, but 2007 looks more realistic


October 5, 2003
I received the parts on October 5, 2003, and behaved like a child on Christmas morning. The parcel unwrapped, pieces hefted and fit, axles slipped into the frame and wheels on the axles, springs checked....
Now the work begins.
Nov 4, 2003
Since getting the original parts from Ed, I got coupler pockets, stay stock, and an eccentric setting jig from Jesse Livingston and Dan provided as set of coupler pockets cast by power model supply. I laid the stuff out and took some shots for the record. Some of those shots are on my inventory page. I've read the construction articles several times, made lists of fasteners and materials that I need, and handled all of the parts several times.
Feb 20, 2004
I've now got the shop set up and over the last couple of weeks machined the cylinder heads. I've put together the cylinder set-up page showing how I put mounted the cylinder on my rotary table to drill the head bolt holes and other machining on the heads.
Jan 27, 2006
At Cabin Fever last weekend, Valley Press had the new reprint series of Bill Harris' Falk series in Live Steam. I bought a copy and found it also included Jesse Livingston's article on steaming improvements. This might motivate me to mover forward again on the project.

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The photo in the title of this page is a Jesse Livingston photo of a Falk completed by Jesse Livingston.

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