Will's Story

Weight History — Loss Attempts

I weighed 180 pounds when I graduated from high school in 1967. During my four years in college, I gained 10 pounds per year. When I married Laura in 1983, I weighed 275. Since then. prior to surgery, I weiged as little as 237 and as much as 335.

I've tried a variety of weight loss methods. I have exercised, focused on healthy eating, consulted with doctors and nutritionists. I did walking, bicyccling, and aerobics. In terms of weight loss, most effective weight loss program that I tried was a Christian Weight Loss Program; I went from 280 to 237 and kept it off for over a year. As far as self image was concerned, my time in Overeaters Anonymous was good. Unfortunately, I was a much more effective speaker that weight loser.

Ater every weight loss success, the weight came back and brought a bit more. Programs that provided less normalcy in eating habits were far less sucessful that those that gently modified behaviour.

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